Pro Aviator Visor w/o vents


Color: Clear

*Available in U.S. only.

Lightweight “Optical Correctness”


What is optical correctness? 

Patent protected visor technology that ensures the best possible optical performance beyond the full field of vision for the hockey player.

Visor Features | Reebok Hockey Zoom

How is it accomplished?

1. Visor Curvature: horizontal (left to right) and vertical (up and down) curvature of visor. 2. Visor Taper: The visor is tapered from thicker in the centre to thinner on the sides.

What you see is what you get.

The optimized combination of curvature and taper ensures the correctness of the image projected on the retina allowing the hockey player to stickhandle, pass and shoot with precision.

Pro Aviator Visor w/o vents

Visor Features | Reebok Hockey

Pro Aviator Visor w/o vents